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Synergy between Simplicity + Power

Design clean, easy to use and feature-rich software that seamlessly integrates into peoples lives. Our mission is to create world-class "Made In India" software.

Cloud software that people love using.

Synage is a Mumbai-based web technology company that in 2007 successfully pioneered one of India's first home-grown Software As A Service (SaaS) product, DeskAway. We later launched Brightpod in 2013.

Synage was started in 2005 as a design and development agency and transformed itself into a pure-play web company in 2007.

Product Philosophy

Our product philosophy is LISTEN, ME, ACT.

LISTEN to what users have to say. Keep listening. Get a feel of what they want and the different ways they use our apps.

ME is what we want in the app. We use our apps daily so it is important to build stuff that we love and want.

Then ACT and iterate quickly.

Design Philosophy

We focus on SIMPLICITY + POWER. Will the software give our customers enough power to get things done? Is it packaged in a beautiful, clean interface? The challenge is to take a complex idea and make it look simple. Not many people do this. Either their software is bloated/ugly or extremely simple with less features.

We strive to maintain a balance between simplicty and feature richness.

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